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Education Law

Protecting the Civil Rights of Students in Pre-Kindergarten through Higher Education.

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Special Education Law

The special education or IEP process is complicated and frustrating for families navigating the system on their own.

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School Discipline

Suspension or expulsion from school is serious and has lasting consequences.

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Juvenile Justice

Being charged with a “delinquent act” for a juvenile is like being charged with a crime as an adult.

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Reading Intervention

Many children have difficulty learning to read. Yet, schools throughout Maryland do not teach reading though methods proven to be effective for all kids.

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Higher Education

When undergraduate and graduate students face suspension, dismissal, or course failure for allegedly cheating or violating other school policies, they typically have the right to defend themselves and/or appeal a decision.

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Accommodations, K-12

Accommodations remove barriers to learning in order to level the playing field for students with disabilities or students with an impairment that affects abilities such as hearing, seeing, walking, learning, reading, or concentrating.

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Section 504 Plans

A 504 Plan provides a student with access to the same education that other students are receiving. This access is provided through the use of accommodations that are included in the student’s 504 Plan. We work with families and schools to create 504 Plans that help students succeed in school.

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Education Lawyer Maryland

Education Lawyers for Families

Full Service Representation in Education Law

The education lawyers of the Law Offices of Nicole Joseph provide legal representation and advocacy for Maryland students and families in education issues, including special education, accommodations, and school discipline. We work with families and students from pre-k through college or university levels. Our lawyers and advocates help students and families secure the services they are entitled to under the law, and need in order to succeed in school.

We provide inclusive representation for all types of families, and for students of any race, religion, sexual orientation, or gender identity.

Full service education work we do for families and students may include:

  • Education attorneys or parent advocates participating in IEP or 504 Plan meetings to get students what they need
  • Appealing public school decisions in discipline, special education, or other areas
  • Securing appropriate school placements or reimbursement for private placements
  • Appealing university disciplinary or academic determinations, decisions or suspensions
  • Representing private school families with learning plans or discipline issues
  • Referral to well-vetted colleagues for non-legal services that can help your child, like psychologists, evaluators, therapists, behavior analysts and educational consultants.

Limited Scope Representation (fixed price help with one specific task)

Our education attorneys are available to provide you with just the help you need for an affordable flat fee. This is sometimes called “Limited Scope” or “Unbundled” legal services. “Limited scope” representation may be a good option for you if you are comfortable handling certain aspects of the case by yourself. If you choose Limited Scope services, our education attorneys will carefully review your records and meet with you by Zoom or phone to help you strategize and/or provide advice so you can act. If you find that you need more comprehensive representation, you have the option to work with us to extend the scope of your representation.

Some examples of the limited scope work our education attorneys do for families and students are:

  • Reviewing your education, 504, IEP and other relevant records followed by a thorough consultation about your options and the best path toward achieving your goals.
  • Reviewing your education and other relevant records followed by a thorough consultation to prepare you for a specific 504, IEP, or disciplinary meeting.
  • Preparing documents for you to file (for example, a “State Complaint,” or “IDEA Complaint”) 
  • Providing guidance about appropriate accommodations in school at the pre-kindergarten through university levels, and on standardized testing.
  • Referring you to carefully chosen service providers, including psychologists, educational consultants, tutors, and behavioral consultants.

Our education attorneys and parent advocates serve families throughout Maryland, and we maintain positive working relationships with school district staff across the state. Many of our clients live in Baltimore City, Baltimore County, Howard County, Montgomery County, and Anne Arundel County.

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