reading intervention

Are We Really Still Having This Conversation?

Why are schools still not using evidence based reading instruction for initial instruction and for intervention? And why are parents still calling me to say their school insists on using these programs even when they ask for something different? Even when years of use hasn’t helped? Good question.  
returning to school buildings

Compensatory Services and Returning to School

"Compensatory Services'' refer to the make-up service a school district is required to provide when they “miss” or do not provide services under a child’s IEP for one reason or another. This applies to services missed because of pandemic related school closures, since rights under the Individuals with Disabilities in Education Act (IDEA)-- the federal law that provides special education-- were not put on hold during closures or distance learning.
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School Residency for Special Education and General Education Students

Where You Live Matters: Resolving Residency Issues for Special Education and other Students in Public Schools - Violating residency policies may cause your child to be removed from school and you to be charged tuition fees. This can have a significant negative impact on the academic and emotional well being of your child and on your bank account. You may need assistance from an education attorney.