Practice Areas

Education Law

Protecting the Civil Rights of Students in Pre-Kindergarten through Higher Education.

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Special Education Law

The special education or IEP process is complicated and frustrating for families navigating the system on their own.

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School Discipline

Suspension or expulsion from school is serious and has lasting consequences.

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Juvenile Justice

Being charged with a “delinquent act” for a juvenile is like being charged with a crime as an adult.

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Reading Intervention

Many children have difficulty learning to read. Yet, schools throughout Maryland do not teach reading though methods proven to be effective for all kids.

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Higher Education

When undergraduate and graduate students face suspension, dismissal, or course failure for allegedly cheating or violating other school policies, they typically have the right to defend themselves and/or appeal a decision.

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Accommodations, K-12

Accommodations remove barriers to learning in order to level the playing field for students with disabilities or students with an impairment that affects abilities such as hearing, seeing, walking, learning, reading, or concentrating.

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Section 504 Plans

A 504 Plan provides a student with access to the same education that other students are receiving. This access is provided through the use of accommodations that are included in the student’s 504 Plan. We work with families and schools to create 504 Plans that help students succeed in school.

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