Juvenile Justice

Being charged with a “delinquent act” for a juvenile is like being charged with a crime as an adult. It is a serious matter that requires highly specialized legal representation because of the need for expertise in three distinct areas– the juvenile justice system, the school system, and child development.

When a child with a disability is involved in the juvenile justice system (they have “DJS charges,” have been charged with a “delinquent act,” or someone has “pressed charges”), it is critical that every person making decisions about the case, from the intake worker, to the judge, to school staff, understands all the factors that may be affecting the child. If the incident in question happened at school, there can be both school discipline and police matters to deal with, and it is important to manage the two systems at the same time. Even if the incident happened outside of school, school officials may be notified and can take action against the student. Parents are then left to deal not only with the delinquency charges, but also with school officials.

With our detailed understanding of disability, child development, and the juvenile justice system, we can address these issues in the school setting and with the Department of Juvenile Services while zealously protecting your child’s right to due process under the law.