Covid-19 Special Education

Webinar — Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 7:30pm — Covid Distance Learning and the IEP process with Special Education Attorney Nicole Joseph (recording posted below)

Webinar: Covid School Closures, the IEP process, and Your Child’s Special Education Rights with Attorney Nicole Joseph –Thursday, October 29, 2020 at 7:30pm

Join me, Debbie Sasson, and Camp Akeela parents for a live webinar. Special education attorney Nicole Joseph will speak to parents and answer your special education questions from the perspective of a special education attorney, live. We will cover special education law, IEPs, and distance learning plans during COVID school closures, what your school should and should not be doing during this difficult time, and how you can best advocate for your child’s needs while school buildings are closed.

In particular, we will discuss guidance from the Department of Education, services for students with non-verbal learning disabilities, autism, learning disabilities, and services for twice exceptional students! Some students may be thriving with online learning. Others are really struggling. Both types of kids need active advocacy from their parents.

You will have an opportunity to ask questions about school and IEP services, school discipline, and advocacy for your child in school during school closures, along with whatever else you may be interested in hearing about from a special education attorney.

UPDATE: Listen to the Webinar recording with special education attorney Nicole Joseph here. Parents had some great questions, and we had a lively discussion. Please feel free to have a listen– kids are still doing distance learning, and still receiving special education services from a distance, so this information is critical. Remember, parents need to advocate for their students in order to ensure the best possible outcome, especially during this difficult time. In some cases, parents should consider getting assistance from a special education attorney or parent advocate. This type of specialized help can take the stress of advocacy off you so that you can focus on your child.

Additionally, if you’d prefer to read about COVID school closures and distance learning, you can read more about special education services and supports during school closures here.